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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Hello Joe,
My name is Crazy☾, and you’re a pretty awesome person. While I’m pretty sure Dash has a great rear end, I favor Rarity, Twilight, and Luna’s asses (I have a thing for unicorns/alicorns?). I like the gallery R34, but I don’t really clop.
I’m a normal person, I guess. I’m probably one of the older pony fans on here. Got good grades when I was in HS, and impressed well enough that I went to college to get a dual M.S. in astronomy and astrodynamics. I study.. a lot. Not too much interesting stuff going on in my life. I give hugs to other savvy men occasionally, but years of college taught me that others usually prefer you to buy them a strong drink.
Luna is my favorite pony, and Rarity is a close second. Because no one ships those two though, I usually ship TwiLuna (or occasionally some princest).


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