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Hello Joe,
I just met you and I love you. Seriously though, I have seen your posts and they’re all awesome! Except I get my jimmies rustled from time to time when it comes to the NSFW stuff, but that’s okay!
Unfortunately I don’t know much about you but I think we can get along fine. About me: Just a normal person who loves Bionicle and MLP. IRL: I practice singing, piano, writing, dancing, work on my Bionicle MOCs and go to college (don’t expect great things from me) and I tend to be antisocial outside the internet.
I am not sure if I am really a brony and can get along with other bronies. I have watched 21 episodes so far and I love it. I really have no idea what I should do if I am a brony, except hug the shit out of you and everyone else.
I am undecided about my favorite pony, so here is a lego version of Derpy that I found on the internet.

Thank you for reading this.


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