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For days I’ve been hearing of voting machines that will only vote for one candidate, both for Obama and Romney. In Connecticut we won’t mess with this touch screen crap. You get a paper ballot printed on card stock, color in the dot next to your guy’s (or Gal’s) name, and then feed it to the scanner. It’s completely idiot-proof and leaves a paper trail if there needs to be a recount, so I don’t know why so many states needlessly complicate the process with complicated touch screens that require more maintenance, need firmware updates, can get viruses, etc. We’re not even a swing state, and yet it’s the swing states that always seem to be having problems with unreliable forms of voting.

In my own work with computers, I’ve concluded that there comes a point where you try so hard make a more complex system in hopes of making things on the user-end simpler, that the end result is that you are opening the door for more error, and in this case possibly even cheating. If either party wants to be able to govern with legitimacy, we need to at least be able to trust that our voting machines are not manipulating the results whether by accident or intention, and this is something that people from all political leanings should be able to agree on.


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