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Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter
Troublehalf: The Yuri Hunter

It was a good day when KYM blocked new members from making submissions and actually banned forced creations being submitted the same fucking day (or near) they were created.

Memes used to be organic, something happened in real life that was captured and sent around the web. Be it a funny picture or whatever, somebody would like it, send it to a mate, which would then be sent to more…. But now, it’s created, not organic. It’s force-fed in order to get a result. There is a reason all the new fucking ‘memes’ are just a generic image with text written over it. But nobody cares, KYM need the money for their website, they only just about break even as it is (but I doubt the rest of the network struggles….) and as long as idiots come and create their may-mays and me-mes and watch the Old Guard, like myself, moan and complain…. They care not.


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