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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

I would be more afraid of rabid Kea’s. They fly, they’re huge, they have sharp claws and beaks, they eat cars and like Kiwi’s; we can’t fight back against them due to national conservation laws. So when the inevitable Kea invasion starts I’ll let you know so you can prepare the bandaids while I call my car insurance provider

You had me utterly impressed the moment you said you wanted to work with babies. I couldn’t handle that. I admire your courage.

Or maybe I could but I just don’t know because I’ve never had to deal with them before. When I become an Uncle in a few months (My sister should be due not long from now) perhaps that will change and my fear of infants will obscure

Anyway, early childhood nursing sounds like an ideal cutie mark for you to earn, I bet it pays well too.

Hey, even if some of the stuff you are learning now might not be relevant. It still counts because the more time you spend there, the more opportunities you will find. Half my postgrad wasn’t really relevant to anything I do but it was worth it because it put me in the right place in the right time and I scored a career

PS: Finished the Rin storyline. She broke up with me and left me literally standing in the rain D:


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