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Verbose is one of our more active forum mods. You can go to him for most anything, especially since he has Senior Status.
RandomMan is another great mod to talk to about just about anything. Especially making entries, if you have an interest in that at all.

Not to say any of the other mods or admins are any less helpful, but they’re some of our higher-ups that come to mind.

Good things to know:
1.) Try to keep ponies in pony threads and Homestuck in Homestuck threads (if you value your karma)
2.) Don’t make new pony threads. Just a warning.
3.) Textile is your new best friend.
4.) Try to gage interest before you jump the gun on entry making so you don’t end up with a Deadpool on your hands.
5.) Be nice.
6.) No matter what anyone says, the internet isn’t serious business. Take everything in good humor.

That’s all that comes to mind right now, but if there’s anything else, just ask.

P.S. The search engine up by the logout button is a great resource for finding things.


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