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Count Cheska the Bestka
Count Cheska the Bestka

So… I guess it’s time to talk about that autoplay song… ‘Cause I’m ghanging it…

Anyway, The Hollow is the opening song for Coheed and Cambria’s recently released album The Afterman: Ascension which, like all of their work, tells a conceptual chapter in the Amory Wars universe. This album has been receiving positive reviews left and right, and it has a great sound and story to go with it.
Telling the story of Sirius Amory, we finally learn a bit of backstory to this very important character as he ventures into the Keywork to investigate the entities that power Heaven’s Fence.
Check it out if you want to, and the second part named The Afterman: Descension will be released February 2013.
Check it out if you want to or something…


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