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Let me tell you a closely related thought experiment.

Suppose Pinkie Pie goes hiking in the Everfree Forest and is struck and killed by a lightning bolt. At the same time, nearby in the forest, another lightning bolt spontaneously rearranges a bunch of molecules such that, entirely by coincidence, they take on exactly the same form that Pinkie’s body had at the moment of her untimely death. This being has, of course, a brain which is structurally identical to that which Pinkie Pie had, and will thus, presumably, behave exactly as Pinkie would have. It will walk out of the Everfree forest, return to Sugarcube Corner at Ponyville, and bake the same cupcakes Pinkie Pie would have baked; it will interact like an amicable pony with all of Pinkie Pie’s friends and family, and so forth.

This is from the swampman.

We could go further and ask if clone Pinkie Pies from the show were actually sentient beings or philosophical zombies.


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