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It’s a little complicated, I’ll try to explain some points for uploading NSFW and what I define as porn.
1. No genitalia whatsoever, though cameloe is okay if it’s not too deep.
2. Nipples are not okay, but part of a nipple can be shown, I’d say the ratio is about 3/4 of a nipple per 2 nipples. Nipples can be shown if they are covered by slightly see-through fabric.
3.Boobs can be shown as long as nipples aren’t showing, sometimes I may edit out nipples on anthros, but it’d look weird if I did it with humans.
4. Asses are alright as long as the owner of the ass is standing up.
5.Lingerie is okay.
6. No sex, but implied sex is fine.

Hope this helps.


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