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PopperFett the Mandalore
PopperFett the Mandalore

It is not that I think its bad to be different, its that I feel that norms exist for a reason, even though I am extremely abnormal. Just somethings, but not much. Im pretty easy going, save just a few more morals than most here in a new age society.
I guess my most outstanding issue is I feel I’m an outcast by anyone’s standards, like I feel that there’s a huge distrust between me and everyone else. I’m also not phased out by self-sacrifice, seeing it as a noble thing, compared to everyone else around me (interwebz and irl) who calls me an idiot.
I suppose another issue is my soft-spokeness, like I won’t speak my mind if it could insult anyone. When I do, it comes out very wierd and I feel it makes me a total douche.
I jut don’t know exactly.


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