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I wouldn’t say you’re dumb, but it is certainly a boring approach to take to romantic relationships.

Part of that might be a fear of rejection, part of it may be that I’m not as attracted to her as I used to be, but the fact that I’ve seen friends get into relationships and marriages that they hate is certainly a part of it. On the whole, I’m really happy with life, and I’m not in too much of a rush to be in a relationship unless I simply can’t help my feelings for the person (which might all come flooding back to me if we were to become closer friends again.)
And I’m glad you enjoyed discussing game theory. It’s used a lot in certain areas of sociology and certainly psychology. I know economists love it. Polysci and philosophy will also get into it. And (like I think I said,) some people interested in AI enjoy it too. It made for some neat conversations outside of class, because people come into it with their own assumptions of how the world works when trying to achieve a certain ends.


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