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-As for Brand New Members (sometimes called “BNMs”), it depends. Usually, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt, but some come right in and are instantly loved. As long as you aren’t arrogant and/or a little dim, you can probably feel out the forums by lurking and fit in pretty well.
-As you might be able to tell from my username, I have no problem with long posts (although I haven’t really lived up to the name in my more recent posts.)

And finally, if you want in on Pony discussion, then there’s this whole thread. There are also five previous threads that have been locked, because a thread with 200 pages begins to block out other threads. So if you want to see the history of pony on KYM, then you can use that to get an idea of who’s come and gone (we have some brony celebritites in our ranks, including artists (e.g., LavosVsBahamut, BlockEraser) musicians (i.e., lolstaz), and bloggers (i.e., Calpain of Equestria Daily.) They all have accounts here and have posted in previous threads.


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