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Intriguing, your introductory post in the New Members thread was. I actually did more than scan your posts. Although, I wouldn’t say I perused them either.

But I have a couple of questions and/or comments for you:

-So you’re from Florida, huh? Is that the part of Florida that most people not from Florida usually associate with Florida or the part that’s indistinguishable from the rest of the South? (I’m originally from Georgia.)
-So you like ponies? A guy from Florida who went up to New Jersey for Bronycon? opspe (another user) and I went as well. I got quite a few prints while I was up there. (Pinkie is my second favorite behind Twilight.)

-I love turn-based strategy games. I’ve said before that Intelligent Systems owns me. I have three of the Advance Wars games (although I can’t quite beat the last map of Days of Ruin) and I have three Fire Emblem games (although I can’t get interested enough in Shadow Dragon to finish it.)
-Also, are you perhaps a Psychology major? Your line about being interested in human behavior and society led me to believe that a 19 year old would at least be interested in the field. I majored in Psych and Sociology.


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