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Hey there Kris, allow me to answer:

-I honestly don’t know. They are most likely unaware that comments bump entries, although there have been cases of people purposely bumping shit in the hope of generating butthurt through others spotting the entry in the trending bar. Regardless of its purpose, it makes no sense yes.

-Moderators can suggest stuff to put on the frontpage, along with entries to be confirmed, but it’s the staff that actually fronpages it. Regardless of our position, moderation functions have a limit.

-It’s an old comment style used by staff and mods in the past. Back then getting an entry confirmed was much easier, and hardly needed the work we ask for today (scroll through the oldest confirmed entries, the non-updated ones give you a good impression). Mods and Staff back then used that comment to let others amongst their ranks know what they believed should be done with the entry. The userbase caught on eventually and it has stayed that way ever since. But to be honest, nowadays most mods and staff just ignore the comment section when they type that, as it simply has become way too common and personal biased appeal makes the difference to users.


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