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Ah Free Cake. You’ll always be free cake to me…drama.jpg
Its been awhile since I’ve talked with the familiar creme de la creme of pastries.
Now only a magical piece of pasteboard, taking player’s soul’s. Wheres the time going eh?
Frankly, the past few months have been a sore with work. Hated lurking so much around here, almost like I never even had an account, think I worked up a time management thing now however.
You know what I kinda miss? The 5th grade. Back when stuff like captain underpants books and Arthur were the bees knees. People actually cared on what the hell they were reading, understanding the message at the end of it. Everything’s all backwards now. I’m enjoying a lot of the stuff we read though.
What sort of novels do they have you engrossed in?
(sorry for the long text, its been awhile)


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