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hello I’m here to discuss a comment you made on an image I posted
4 months ago, to be specific you were commenting that what I posted was a repost, now I would just like to make this clear, I had no idea that image was posted before, I even went through the gallery looking for that image before i posted it to make sure I wasn’t reposting but I guess I missed it because you and four others made it so fucking clear in the comments that I was reposting, I hate reposters just as much as anybody, but there’s one thing I hate more than reposters is being called a reposter, now all I want from you is an apology and a promise that from now on before you go, “OMG, FUCKING REPOST!!,” I want you to consider the fact that maybe this person is’t aware that they’re reposting.
P.S. here’s a link to the picture in case you don’t remember: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/341054-dolan#comments


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