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It’s not so much that I am unwilling to deal with drama. Having feelings for a woman is a great feeling to have (not so much when those feelings aren’t returned.) But I think being in graduate school and dealing with people that…I don’t really like fundamentally (to say the least) has made me enjoy being to myself. I choose the people I associate with carefully, and I am in no rush to deal with a woman who I sorta like and then don’t come to like.

That happened before (forgive me if I’ve told you this). My last (and first) girlfriend was someone that I probably didn’t like as much as she liked me. When I broke up with her because of that lack of affection, I was heartbroken, because I hurt someone I cared about for getting into relationship that I probably shouldn’t have been in, and a friend (that girlfriend) was heartbroken for caring for someone that didn’t care for her to the same extent.

And yes, perhaps being 25 does make me a little more boring. But there are other people my age who are more adventurous that I am in that regard. So I am a bit plain.


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