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But I applaud thoughtful people with any ideology who commits to it. I’m sure there are political considerations when stating what actions would drive the market into a tailspin, some of which we discussed in a health economics course. That class was interesting, because we took economic concepts and realized that many assumptions could not apply to most theories in economics. For example, health insurance changes the cost of “health” to the consumer, because they don’t have to pay the full price of the services. However, the full amount of the services is still changing hands, even though the entity paying for most of it (i.e., insurance) does not usually make the decision to consume the services. I believe the concept was “moral hazard.”

As for the girl, perhaps I will pursue it. If you and I are both still about on KYM, then I’ll keep you appraised. If I really cared for a person, then I would deal with the drama and problems of a long-distance relationship in order to preserve our relationship until we could be closer together. Heck, I considered not going to graduate school before learned that the girl I was crushing on cared for me so I could be closer to her. Somewhat recently, I was completely honest with the only girl I loved, and she never responded to me.


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