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There are two krama values, on the left and right.

On the left side you have how much krama received. For example you post something funny you get positive krama. If you post what people disagree very much, you will most likely get negative karma which sadly, you have lots. The large number is how much krama you have overall received. Positive adds to the integer and negative decreases the amount.

The right value is how much krama you’ve given so if you like a post, you give it positive krama and the opposite for negative. Same rules apply to the larger number. You have +13 Krama Given so you’ve been generally nice to others.

The values of left and right don’t cross and you are stuck with krama received and given on your account permanently. So giving others krama doesn’t affect anything but the right side. To get the large numeral to be positive and not red, post great things that most people like. You have -118 Recieved Krama so you have quite a bit of positive posting to do.

I’m sorry Sealeo but that’s how things work around here.


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