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Kim Jong Is A Feminist
Kim Jong Is A Feminist

I only mentioned it several times in the IRC just to see if I could get these people banned, my wish isn’t to permanently stop them, of course not, I know banning them will lead to them creating another account down the road to do the exact same thing, but the idea that they would have to spend that extra effort sends to everyone the message that they’ve been heavily rustled. You’ve misinterpreted my theory, it wasn’t a cry to keep the peace, because there is no peace to be kept.

I don’t even know who chowzburgerz is, but I still helped him figure out a way to not let the downvotes rustle him, and because of that, this in turn rustles the downvoters

once again this is no conspiracy theory, this is the way I’ve made it, and all the people you can see laughing with me can attest to it


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