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Late replying is bad and I should feel bad…
I agree. That’s another thing I liked about 5th grade, our teacher made everything interesting.
Everything now is a cram session though, one of my teachers broke down once and told us how he felt about the whole situation, he felt that we were getting so overworked that we weren’t even learning anything. Everything is for the better, some teachers want to help others just want their weekly check in their pockets. But it’s really up to the students to start learning something because the college applications are already being set on our desks…
I’ve recently read Catcher In the Rye, I loved it, it really brought you in to feel for the character and gives out a message, hell I could even relate. But same old story no one gives a dam, class just read it and got it over with. Ah well what can we do.
Regardless, we can fight the good fight. They don’t call us sweet and free for nuthin’

To Glory Seal, to sweet glory.


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