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Dick on a Chalkboard
Dick on a Chalkboard

That’s already proven to be a fact…

I think it’s also safe to say the world of Pokemon lives in a fairly distant future; where technologies such as nano-robotic medicine, sentient AIs, colonization of extrasolar planets, advanced bio mechanics (pokemon themselves), teleportation, nano-mechanical materials (take the pokeball for example, capable of shrinking/enlarging without having to geometrically collapse), molecular rematerialization (also seen in pokeballs, capable of capturing solid matter and deconstructing it into energy as storage), and many others are existent.

By then, the dependence of creating new creatures as servants, environmental benefit, defense, transportation, and companions to our own desire through gene splicing may have become a way of life, as other animal species could no longer thrive within our ecosystem due to lack of natural resource.


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