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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Okay… As you want, but know that I like to exhaust the topic, so prepare your Jimmies for a massive tl; dr.

1. I was born on the 2nd of June 95’, so I’m 17 years old. For a long time I thought I’m like one of the youngest Bronies on KYM, but then it appeared that I’m 2 yrs older than Bruno and 3 months older than Joe (while I thought the Rustlers were at least around 20) so…
2. I’d say yellow, although, as kind of a graphic, I preffer colors that match well. That’s why I portray myself as a masked man in a dark red hooded robe with dark blue elements and yellow eyes. It just matches nicely.
3. Goodness. That’s why I’m ChD. Within that I sum other things, like faith, dignity, life, wisdom, freedom, hapiness, strength of will and opinion, honesty, modesty and so… I wouldn’t say that I am good, ‘cause it’s not up to me to judge. I’m tryin’ to be good. (as HDD says)
4. Mhm… I have a crush on high fantasy-type weapons, especially axes (with shield, dual wielded or two handed, doesn’t matter), crossbows (I have one at home) and magic. If you meant today’s weaponry, I’d say MP5.
5. LotR trilogy would be the best, the extended of course. For a book adaptation, it was quite relevant and very well done. Also, I like some of the classy Polish movies, like Kiler.


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