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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

5. LotR trilogy would be the best, the extended of course. For a book adaptation, it was quite relevant and very well done. Also, I like some of the classy Polish movies, like Kiler.
6. As my logo says, I hate the Evil. This includes hate (4chan), hipocrysy (“Love n’ Tolerate, but cloppers are disgusting sickfags!!!111”), manipulation (politics, media), weakness of will and opinion (political correctness), arrogance (Rainbow Dash) and political terror (yes, it happens today in our so democratical Europe, too). Also, I preffer to fight those by tryin’ to be an example, not by actual fight.
7. Don’t have one. School sucks out all my life and summer vacation is too hot. (+20-25 deg. C is maximum for me)
8. Of course, I live in a village after all. Currently I have a Golden Retriever bitch (female dog, you dirty-minded…), two cats and lil’ pond with fish in the garden.
9. No. At all. I have always troubles at choosing stuff.
10. First – “Just another guy that follows me for no reason.”
Later – “Noticed him around, I think I’ll accept.”
Now, I’d say, of all the people on KYM I like you the most. Mainly ’cause I have little choice anyway.

Well, if you’ve actually read all this shit… I’m impressed…


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