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Twins the Serendipitous Serval
Twins the Serendipitous Serval

Yeah, that was, in fact, done on a phone. The Galaxy Note II, to be exact, which does have this sort of stylus with Wacom technology or something. And did I mention it’s bloody huge? Seriously, it covers my entire side face when I make a call, and I practically have to hold it with two hands to avoid dropping it. Me likey :D.

Wanted to test it out, and why not give my old pal BSOD back at KYM a little early Christmas present? They have that in New Zealand right (inb4 jewish)? I mean, you’d expect them to move it to July or something so it would be more appropriately wintery, but I guess Jesus’s birthday is not to be trifled with. Anyways, it took about 2 hours to make, so y’all better be appreciative.

or else

Our walls imploded D: At least you still have the eargasms.


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