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But a huge part of the success of Pokemon was the fact they actually are the ones who started generation rumors about Pokemon in the first place to generate sales. It isn’t just fans being Polybius loving conspiracy nuts trying to find a Mew under a truck or make a case that Lavender Town brainwashes people. Game Freak started the trend with things like spreading rumors like Mew. And while clearly many of the examples are purely accident, like the Porygon seizure event, I’m inclined to believe that Missingno. might actually be an intentional character. Meant to make the game more mysterious and generate sales.

Because it is an RPG intended for children and just entertainment, a lot of people might underestimate how far reaching the effects of the game really are and can be. Especially with the backlash against all of the folks who ignorantly act like anime & manga = Japan and Japanese culture and try to make a bigger case for the importance of the Japanese pop culture than is warranted. Pokemon is a multimillion dollar franchise right with Mario. And a worldwide icon just like Mickey Mouse and Mario and Pac-Man.


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