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So back to what Game Freak did and my idea about Missingno. being intention. Is that I feel like Game Freak created in this image both intentionally and unintentionally. And that Game Freak partially wanted a “real life yurei story” image in Japan to sell copies that got out hand until the show accidentally causes mass seizures in Japan and thus Game Freak toned it down. A sort of not so secret augmented reality similar to Digimon where the game was supposed to freak you out a little bit. Kind of like how Digimon users could watch Digimon and look down at their Digipet and wonder if they, too, could enter a mysterious digital world. And playing on the feeling among people, %99 of humanity, who don’t fully understand machine code and thus feels like some kind of paranormal magic world. Even seasoned programmers run into glitches that make machine code seem as beyond comprehension as quantum mechanics. Something that can tap into the fear and wonder in the hearts of media consumers.


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