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Missingno. is, in fact, successful for the same reason as Mew. Game Freak purposely made the game more mysterious and haunting, and it sold copies. By telling users there is more to the game than meets the eyes. And strew out several ideas that worked like a puzzle. Like the tragedy of Cubone and the mystery of Mew and Mewtwo.

It may seem farfetch’d(haha!). And like some kind of looney reptilian thing. Maybe even more so that I’m having a difficult time finishing one point and moving to the next. But it really isn’t considering the actual history of Gamefreak. There is actually overlap in the also “freaky” mother series. Many of the same folks in Pokemon were in the Mother franchise. Thus likely the similarities between Mewtwo and Giygas(not just appearance, but as psychic creatures obsessed with their birth). And the bag of Dragonite in the Mother series. You can see a very similar philosophy in Mother as early Pokemon.


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