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It is very much also a dark theme in the game of dead Pokemon and Cubone as the Mew mystery. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to connect the two. I think maybe Missingno. was actually a reference to Giygas and an attempt to bring the themes of cloning and ghosts together. I make the hypothesis that Missingno. may intentionally be dead Mew clones. Ones that didn’t even get to become a Ditto because they died in the process. Yurei are known for being vengeful. And Mewtwo alone seemed pretty vengeful. And Mewtwo is still among the most powerful Pokemon ever thought up by Game Freak. Approaching even Pokemon like Arceus who is a canonical creation God. If Arceus is a world creator, who is to say Missingno. couldn’t be a dead Mew clone ghost capable of destroying the world? It certainly looks as dangerous as Lavos. And considering it can wipe out your game save, who is to say that, in fact, it isn’t destroying one timeline in the multiverse, your game save? Perhaps if Arceus is the world creator, maybe Missingno. is the bringer of the apocalypse? Ending the world to end its own misery.


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