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This seems backed by a large series of evidence I base my hypothesis off of. For starters, Mew is a big deal. The game intentionally hides things. Game Freak wanted to sell copies by making people think there are mysterious and further content in the code. Game Freak made important both cloning and Pokemon death. All of Missingno.‘s forms look like some kind of scattered information or DNA, or ghosts. The Lavender Town ghost sprite. And two dead fossils(skeletons) which the game has the theme of resurrecting. And because Giygas after Mother become an entity capable of destroying the universe. I can’t help but look at these facts and see Missingno. as a dead and vengeful “yurei” of a Mew clone and another Giygas. Pokemon seems based of “obake” or monsters in the Japanese folklore, but in the case of Missingno., it seems more like an intention reference to an ultra powerful yurei instead of a good natured obake. And I can’t help but see multi similarities and hints of Giygas in Mewtwo story.


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