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If not, it is a conclusion my mind naturally came to years ago when first buying and playing Pokemon. And still does. In fact it seems like I come across more evidence for the dead Mew clone/Giygas reference hypothesis of mine. And probably at least shows some of the underlying psychology behind the Missingno. phenomenon. We really like to think of technology like computers as this magic box, both full of horror and wonder. Thus why so many people were haunted by things like Giygas, bought Pokemon for the mystery of Mew, or became haunted and fascinated by Missingno. It captures all of the right points of a person’s imagination.

Well, I think that is a wall of text on its own. I didn’t condense it very well anyway. I hope it can be a decent enough read, though. I wanted to tall more about really how deep the mystery of Mew goes and how interesting of a route in marketing Game Freak took and draw more similarities to Mother/Earthbound. But I would have just rambled on and there really is just too much to say.


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