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Teh Brawler
Teh Brawler

The problem with “Willy Bum Bum” was that there weren’t enough variations that you posted or that I could find after researching it. We define memetic content as having a wide range of references and variations across the internet; in other words, something that has been referenced to or has copies made of it with edits is memetic. “Willy Bum Bum” is well known, sure, but you only provided two examples of different instances referencing the original, so it’s not memetic with just two examples.

My recommendation is to search for as many versions, remakes, or edits of the content as possible. Keep in mind that all staff and mods research the entry’s content before deadpooling, so if we would consider the idea of the entry a meme after research, we won’t deadpool it.

I’d also recommend making a thread about it in the “meme research” section of the forum. Plenty of users are willing to help out with research or entry development, and multiple minds make the job much easier.


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