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You have discovered the secret to my kramas: post a lot.

I’ll let you know, Mack. I feel like I never actually “tried” to date in college, and I most certainly didn’t in grad school. It would be interesting to have someone to date, and I did enjoy the wistful pining over some girls, but perhaps I’ve done that for a while longer than I’d like. I’m 25 now. I’m gettin’ old.

As for beliefs, I feel I am similar. When asked about my ideals, I don’t back down in stating them. But when it comes to discussion about which approach or set of beliefs is better in regards to politics or anything, I prefer to simply listen. It’s a bit selfish, but often times, people will just go on and on about what they think, and I sorta just lead them along to hear what they have to say. It’s part of the reason why people know little about me even though I’m far from a secretive person: People just never ask, and I never feel the need to tell.

As for the shrinking font-size:


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