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Dick on a Chalkboard
Dick on a Chalkboard

I believe Ted Backman’s design and physiology for the Advisors were inspired by tardigrades.

“Following their escape of the Citadel, the Advisors seem to have gradually abandoned their life support systems; they have, in the words of the Vortigaunts, begun to “hatch”, implying that the Advisors are undergoing some sort of metamorphosis, or perhaps the Vortigaunts are simply poetically describing their abandonment of the comfort of life support.”

Like a tardigrade, they rest in stasis, frozen in sleep without auxiliary nourishment. Also, they look almost identical!

I might sound crazy, but I really think Advisors, Combine themselves, are humans from the future which have depleted their world, causing them to devolve from their human traits as time went by. When you really think about it, this might be what G-Man is trying to convey to Gordon.
Look at them! They clearly have vestigial structures of what used to be hands, feet, and phalanges. Like a whale, except they are still external. A pectoral, torso, and pelvic region is also clearly visible.


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