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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Possibility Five:
The photon strikes another electron in a not-exactly-empty universe. That electron emits the energy out in multiple photons, which carry half an infinite amount of energy. These hit other electrons which emit photons with a quarter of infinite energy. The Universe begins heating back up due to your magical infinite heat. The universe expands faster due to this intense heat. Again, you dick.

Possibility Six:
The photon punctures the quantum foam foundation of the universe and escapes. It goes on to become a purple unicorn mare living in Canterlot who is sent to discover the magic of friendship. We need something pony related here, don’t we?

Possibility Seven:
We don’t have magic. We keep trying to heat up the original electron by using up all the mass-energy the universe contains. We become beings of energy, and collapse all energy itself into the only existent electron in the universe. We eventually throw ourselves in. The electron is alone. It emits nothing because the universe has collapsed to be just around its surface. It keeps crushing inward into an infinitesimal until it exists in no dimensions whatsoever. Linear deviations begin to occur. The infinitesimal loses its energy by converting it into matter. The universe begins again and flows until another creature decides, “Hey, I wonder what would happen if we kept heating this thing up forever.”


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