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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Pretty much I winged it. I really don’t know what would happen, because I don’t know the full constraints of the universe. What do you think would happen? If you manage to figure it out, tell me. I’d get you an immediate publisher and every physicist in the world would breathe a sigh of relief as you would have just figured out quantum mechanics.

I’ll give you a final, more realistic possibility now:
The photon would reach Planck length and begin to wobble as it tried to achieve a shorter wavelength. The universe does its best to be as simple as possible, so the photon’s waves would begin to travel in three dimensions instead of two, creating two/thirds of right triangle. From what we know about triangles, the hypotenuse is always longer than sides a&b individually, so the wavelength would no longer be limited by Planck length. Simple, but boring.

Also, your whale question: I’m still working on how a whale would swim in space. I have all the constraints, I just haven’t bothered to do the math yet. I’ll give you an answer eventually.

And to all my followers and anyone else who attempts to read this wall of text – I am so, so sorry.


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