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Tom S. Fox
Tom S. Fox

> I don’t steal your stuff, I post it here for all to see.

I don’t need your help with that.

> And if someone likes it and asks for a source, I give it to them.

It doesn’t work that way. You can’t withhold the source until somebody asks for it. Besides, you have uploaded 5606 images. Are you telling me you could tell me where every single one is from?

> In the past people have taken stuff that I created and uploaded it to mylittlebrony while taking credit for it.


>I never take credit for anything I post here unless I genuinely made it, and I hardly take credit for that, too.

Actually, by not citing a source, you are taking credit for it.

>So please don’t make attack me and my opinions.

I attack your opinions because you think it is okay for you to copy my stuff without asking and without citing a source, which it isn’t.

> Also, try to use more commas in your sentences, people will take you more seriously if you do.

Actually, they wouldn’t. I checked what I wrote and every additional comma would be wrong.

Also, let’s not forget what this is about: You complain about banners when they are a good way to prevent that an image gets uploaded somewhere twice. You are completely ignoring my original point and instead trying to justify plagiarism.


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