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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

Oh boy, an argument on the internet! Can I join in?

Banners can often be annoying, especially from sites like 9gag and MLB that throw them on everything. They’re not really all that necessary, as most websites can easily utilize a reverse-image-search now. If someone has the intent to repost something, they’ll do it anyway. Oftentimes, it also makes it rather difficult to find the original source of an image – taking away some of the original artist’s potential viewers.

As for Advance posting your stuff.. I’ve looked through your images. Most of them seem to be reused memes, vectors, and screenshots, with no sourcing to the original artists who took the time to vector them. They’re not yours, the artist likely hasn’t given you special permissions, and you do not have the right to claim them.

Finally, ragefaces. I agree with Advance that they’re annoying. It’s the equivalent to have someone hold up emotion cue cards to a live audience. Hey! Here’s how you’re supposed to feel about this! I usually just keep my mouth shut on the matter. He does, however, have every right to speak his opinion on them. He’s not attacking you personally, so don’t take it like he is.


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