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>I don’t need your help with that.

Well if you could kindly point out to me which image I uploaded that belongs to you, I’d remove it immediately. And most artists do like people to share their images, it exposes their art to more people so that they can appreciate it, which is the intent of most artists.

>It doesn’t work that way. You can’t withhold the source until somebody asks for it. Besides, you have uploaded 5606 images. Are you telling me you could tell me where every single one is from?

I can and I do. Most viewers of the kym gallery come here to view pictures, have a laugh/feel, and then move on. They hardly ask for a source, and when they do, it’s usually for some very beautiful picture or a funny comic, not some mlb watermarked image with a rage face on it. You’re correct in assuming I couldn’t provide the source for all 5606 images, but if someone asked for the source I would try my hardest to find it. Most of the images I post are from Derpibooru, so I can simply enter in a few tags and follow links to the image’s source.


Here I’m telling you that I’m a victim of someone else taking actual credit for my work, not just uploading it to some other website. If someone did upload it to another website (which they often do) without taking credit for it, I’d be completely fine with that.


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