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>Actually, by not citing a source, you are taking credit for it.

No, I’m merely exposing the artist’s work to more people.

>I attack your opinions because you think it is okay for you to copy my stuff without asking and without citing a source, which it isn’t.

See my above point. And once again, please tell me what image of yours I’ve uploaded and I’ll remove it immediately.

>Actually, they wouldn’t. I checked what I wrote and every additional comma would be wrong.

Fix’d: You have no right to complain about My Little Brony banners. People like you constantly steal my stuff and upload it somewhere else without crediting me, it’s the very reason I leave it there in the first place.

>Also, let’s not forget what this is about: You complain about banners when they are a good way to prevent that an image gets uploaded somewhere twice. You are completely ignoring my original point and instead trying to justify plagiarism.

See Joe/Crazy’s explanations below.


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