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I won’t get too involved, so I’ll make it brief (and I’ll post it on multiple people’s walls:)
The logic and justification for uploading someone else’s images come secondary to the creators’ wishes. If a person claims that an image is theirs and can provide proof, then the uploader must get permission from the creator to upload it.

In practicality, the creator of the media often doesn’t care (or more likely doesn’t know) that their art is being uploaded to KYM. So this issue doesn’t come up very often, even if it is against KYM ideals.

However, even if you’re exposing the creator’s art to other people, it is not the uploader’s art to distribute nor does his reason for uploading someone else’s art trump the wishes of the creator. It is the original creator’s decision as to how to distribute the art.

As soon as the creator can prove that it is their art, then the uploader needs to tag/source/remove it as the creator sees fit. Otherwise, the creator can “Claim Authorship” or contact a moderator, where the moderator will edit/remove the image at the creator’s request.


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