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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Well, fuck that, SpaRiTwiJack One True Foursome!

But yea, I actually like SpiJack a lot. Not necessarily (but also not “definitely not”) as a romantical ship, more something like BFFs or, as I would name it, Siblings in Blood and Honor™.I even thought a whole story that included this motive, but not as the main thread.

Although, I wouldn’t really expect any of mine, yours or anyone else’s OTPs to be canon, really. Even SpaRity probably won’t go further than it is now, ‘cause as long as it is lil’ boy attracted to an older chick, it’s pretty much normal, but if they make Rarity love Spike… I can see newspapers’ headers “MLP:FiM made a pony pedophile!” (considering how much of a shitstorm was caused by fuckin’ crossed eyes…)



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