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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

1 – Ooh. Toughy. I had an rather intimate relationship a couple years ago that I regret throwing out the window.
2 – I don’t dislike them. I’ve never really looked into the furries as the subject didn’t interest me a whole lot. People can enjoy whatever they like, but I won’t pass judgement unless I know the idea behind it first.
3 – Chandrasekhar limit. It’s not really the formula or idea itself, it’s the process of destabilizing a white dwarf’s helium degeneracy pressure and igniting one of my favorite phrases, carbon bomb. Nothing like reigniting helium fusion and turning an entire stellar core to carbon in less than a second, thereby overcoming gravitational pressures and causing a Type Ia supernova. I need to stop here, or I’ll get a science erection.

As for an actual theorem? You stole this one, topologic Hairy Ball Theorem.

4 – The neutron. It’s kind of boring, I’ll be honest, but I just like the idea of proton-electron binding to form a stabilizing sub-atom.
5 – I’ve been sick too. Maybe I’m somehow sending my illness to you through the internet?
6 – Mucus or non? If you have mucus issues, get a netipot or one of those nasal pumps. If not… anti-inflammatory meds and a bong? My old roommate swore by the bong, but I’m pretty sure he just wanted to get high more often.

Sorry it took so long, #1 had me thinking.


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