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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

07 – California Institute of Technology.
08 – But what if my name really were Crazy Waxing Moon? Then you’d feel all embarrassed. Okay, in reality my first name is Alex, but no one ever calls me that.
09 – It’s a tie. I actually hate Twixie/Fluttermac, but tolerate them. Lunamac is the only thing that’ll boil my stomach though.
10 – Better interferometric telescopes. Mostly because it means my intended job will be less of a pain in the ass.

Otherwise? A proper VR headset. You probably won’t see the significance of that if you’ve never used an old Virtual Boy.
11 – Cranial injury from a car accident. If a doctor ever needs to put a hole in my skull to relieve pressure, they might as well use the fingernail sized one already there.
12 – The love of my life, and hopefully he only shoots the one friend I like the least.

Pluralization jokes aside.. I’d go for my friends. Heartbreak will happen either way, and I may as well save some other families a lot of heartache.
13 – Continue peeing on said hand.


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