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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

A) What technology are you most looking forward to being invented within the next 30 years?
B) What’s the most serious injury you’ve ever been inflicted with/afflicted to someone?
C) The love of your life is hanging off the edge of a cliff, and a group of your closest friends are being held at gun point. You pick one to save, and the other dies. Who do you choose?
D) Suddenly, a foot extends from your toilet! What do you do?

E) Favorite sexual activity?
F) You’re at a bonfire. Do you toast marshmallows or hotdogs?
G) For some reason, a zombie apocalypse happens. What do you do to survive (Food/shelter/defense)?
H) Stupid questions: What is the best fanfic you’ve read (Romance/Nonromance)? What do you think of the Human in Equestria catagory?


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