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A) What technology are you most looking forward to being invented within the next 30 years?
B) What’s the most serious injury you’ve ever been inflicted with/afflicted to someone?
C) The love of your life is hanging off the edge of a cliff, and a group of your closest friends are being held at gun point. You pick one to save, and the other dies. Who do you choose?
D) Suddenly, a foot extends from your toilet! What do you do?

E) Favorite sexual activity?
F) You’re at a bonfire. Do you toast marshmallows or hotdogs?
G) For some reason, a zombie apocalypse happens. What do you do to survive (Food/shelter/defense)?
H) Stupid questions: What is the best fanfic you’ve read (Romance/Nonromance)? What do you think of the Human in Equestria catagory?


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