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14 –
Regular Tumblr? Evopropinquitous
Pony Tumblr? Ask The Crusaders

15 – It was a number of things, really. I’ll spare out the life story part and just say that I found myself happier at a young age when I could take credit for my hard work and not attribute it to some higher power benevolence. Many people say that religion gives their lives meaning, but I’ve never felt that way.

16 – Not within our lifetimes. Let me explain:
Most of our “depleted” oil wells still have plenty of crude in them, but it’s not longer economically advantageous to force pressure down to extract it. The higher gasoline/plastic prices go, the more advantageous it is to extract it.. we’ll continue this, extracting less and less over time.

How many years until we run out of USEFUL oil? Probably 40 – 50.

17 – Not to the extent that we worry about. Saudi Arabia has made some mistakes with their water usage in the past, and I expect we’ll start trading water for oil in the coming decades. So it’s not a huge issue for the US.. other nations are already getting desperate in ways, though. We’ll need to rely on something other than fossil fuels in the coming years, and I highly recommend nuclear to most people (to which many turn away in disgust for some reason). How fucked are we? Depends on our choice over the next few years.


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