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I heard about Katawa Shoujo awhile ago, but had no idea what it was and saw a few pics related to it. Then I happened upon an image related to KS one day and found what it was. Came here, and read through the list of characters and when I read Hanako’s description I felt an instant connection, and since the game was free I figured what the heck even though none of the pick-ur-adventure books when I was a kid were any good, and anime isn’t exactly my thing. Downloaded and started up, not really expecting anything.

Got near to the end of the Hanako route and got a little sad knowing it was close to being over (could just feel it) and then the ending. I fucking cried. My current gf and best friend says a lot of the same kinda stuff sometimes like “I’m so worthless” and that just made me break down. Only piece of entertainment to get me to have any real feelings for whatever reason, and it was free. So thanks KYM for a great experience, and I told my girlfriend about the game. She offered to play it with me without me having said anything like that, damn am I lucky.


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