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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

M – Ah, so a disagreement with the history and ideas behind it then.
V – Nuclear. So long as you regulate it properly, it’s probably the best form of resource-based energy.

M – Really? It’s a good show, but I don’t see why you would criticize someone for not watching it. Sci-fi isn’t everyone’s thing.

J – I like bears. Black bears sometimes wander up from the south to mid-missouri, but I’ve only ever seen a few.
S – Worry not! That’s actually pretty normal.
U – I’m guessing the water pollution/trash issue that China is facing was a key point here.
N – I’m sure you’ll find someone to love at some point. The introversion will be the biggest hurdle though, just saying from personal experience. It got better as I got older, though.
P – Gesturing! Eventually the other side has to get the point.


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