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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

21 – Hmm.. I’d have to ask some questions in return for this.. Is the bucket going to remain stationary? Am I moving it? What is the water for?

Assuming a stationary bucket with no purpose other than boredom… 84% full. Low enough to prevent overflow if an object is placed inside, and high enough that it wasn’t a complete waste of time filling it up.

22 – Sip my tea and lean back, knowing you young kids are out there fighting the good fight.

Okay, kidding aside: I’m 6’1" and in good shape, so I’d look rather enticing to an military. However, it would be kind of a waste to throw me on a front line. Put me in a research room and I’ll help work wonders for you.

In a less personal military approach.. I’d stock up on radiation medication, food stocks, and water before heading out to an energy/metal resource poor location. Unless the extraterrestrial life is near-impossibly similar to use, they don’t want our biological supplies, just our natural resources. Keep away from the areas where Earth utilizes atomic weapons for defense, and do my best to keep alive.


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