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Sonata Dusk
Sonata Dusk

23 – If it’s a fluid/sticky substance, no. Otherwise, it’s already gotten more contaminated from the bacteria on my skin and just being out in the air (take a look under your fingernails with a microscope one day. Actually, don’t, it’s REALLY gross.). Our immune system is pretty good at fighting off the stuff that wriggles about in our homes.

24 – Never, unless we improve our budget on space exploration. Aside from that, give it 20 years. You’d be at a good age then to volunteer. Your height+weight added in, you’d make a great astronaut.

25 – Ooh, that’s tough. I’ll split it into Romance/Non-Romance to make it easier.
Romance – Off the Edge of the Map (Flutterdash) / Apotheosis (Twiluna, yay!)
Non-Rom – It’s a toss up between Mood Wings and A Simpler Time
I can’t break it down any further. Don’t make me choose!


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